University of Utah

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Geared at the development of humanity, the university of Utah continues to persevere in its quest for knowledge in the name of public service. As a testament to the university’s capacity to cultivate its students’ intellect and personhood, over 50,000 students who have obtained a University of Utah education are able to render service to their individual communities, the state, and the nation. Located near many outdoor activities such as winter skiing, the university offers a great education and plenty of fun things to do on weekends.

Academic Life

The university emphasizes on academic excellence through diversity in its academic and co-curricular programs. Students in the undergraduate and graduate levels may choose to concentrate in any of the following academic programs:

1. Science

2. Law

3. Architecture

4. Nursing

5. Business

6. Fine Arts

7. Humanities

8. Education

9. Medicine

10. Engineering

11. Mines and Earth Sciences

12. Health

13. Social Work

14. Pharmacy

15. Social and Behavioral Sciences


Both male and female students at the University of Utah get to participate in the school’s various athletic programs and activities.

Men’s Sports

1. basketball

2. baseball

3. golf

4. skiing

5. football

6. swimming/diving

7. tennis

Women’s Sports

1. basketball

2. skiing

3. cross country

4. gymnastics

5. track and field

6. softball

7. golf

8. swimming/diving

9. tennis

10. volleyball

11. soccer

Admission, Tuition, and Financial Assistance

Lots of opportunities await incoming freshmen, transferee, returning, and international students who are interested in applying at the University of Utah.

Students may apply online via the university’s webpage. Students may also download a pdf document and submit their applications to the admissions office.

The downloadable application form is found on the website. The site also tackles a variety of tuition and financial assistance concerns and issues which can serve as guides for new students.


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